Diploma courses (ITEC)

Golden Egg Holistic is a centre of excellence for practitioner Diploma and Post Graduate training. At Golden Egg, we strive to inspire our students with the very best of what complementary therapies have to offer, for both the beginner, and the experienced therapist. In addition to our professional practitioner diploma courses, we also offer an extensive and specialised range of post graduate and CPD (continual professional development) workshops. Golden Egg is the only Irish training school which offers many of these new and exciting workshops. Our trainers are well established , highly qualified , experienced , competent in and genuinely passionate about their specialities and as a result have won many awards for their work both nationally and internationally. We are very privileged to host many world leading Complementary Therapy Trainers at Golden Egg and Golden Egg has twice been voted the top Holistic Therapy training centre in Ireland.

Complementary medicine is a rapidly growing and evolving industry and our training programmes reflect these changes. We keep up to date with current research and training standards, adapting and progressing our methods and techniques to match. Our training programmes are certified and approved by a range of Internationally recognised examination boards and Holistic Therapy Associations including ITEC, FHT, IRI, AOR, RAC, RAOA, IMTA, CTHA .

Golden Egg Holistic offers the invaluable skills that will help you develop, not only as an individual, but as a professional in your future career as a therapist. Our Holistic, Educational and professional approach to teaching ensures a rewarding and fulfilling (and enjoyable! ) learning experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Post Graduate / CPD Approved Training Courses